The Maritime Standard has assembled an exceptionally high-quality panel for its next Webinar in the Covid-19: A Leadership Perspective series, which takes place on Wednesday July 8th at 12.30 pm UAE time.

The fifth webinar in the series, which has proved highly successful, drawing in a global attendance of up to 1000 people, will on this occasion focus specifically on the finance issues facing the shipping industry as a result of the pandemic.

Collectively and individually the panelists will share their experiences around the impact of COVID-19 on the shipping industry’s financial situation, and its access to ship finance. They will discuss the key issues that have arisen, initiatives that have been implemented, lessons that have been learned, problems on the horizon and possible solutions for the future.

It is expected that a wide range of topics will be covered during the two hour Webinar, highlighting for example the key concerns of lenders and borrowers, the impact of the pandemic on shipping company finances, the future of ship finance and the importance of international collaboration. Technical and legal issues such as closing financial deals in an era of social distancing and limited travel, will also feature.

The webinar will focus on:

  • The key concerns of lenders and borrowers

  • Forging cooperation between stakeholders

  • Supporting companies in temporary difficulty

  • Regulatory concerns

  • Charter party issues

  • Default avoidance

  • The implications of debt trading

  • The importance of international collaboration

  • Identifying key financial trigger points

  • Closing financial deals in an era of social distancing and limited travel

Overall, the Webinar is expected to last around two hours, with the second half given over exclusively to the Question Hour during which panelists field questions raised by attendees.


Dr Mohammed Sharaf


Green Dome Investments

Sanjay Mehta


S One Capital

Mrs H.K. Joshi

Chairperson & MD – The Shipping Corporation of India

Bill Guo

Executive Director, Shipping, ICBC FINANCIAL LEASING CO. LTD.

Petros Doukas


Capital Partners

Nitin Mehta


Tomini Shipping

Chris Peters



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