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The Maritime Standard UAE Yearbook 2019/20
The Maritime Standard UAE Yearbook 2019/20, which will be published in June 2019, will provide in-depth analysis and coverage of all the latest developments in the ports, shipping, shipbuilding and repair and related maritime sectors within the United Arab Emirates. A series of locally researched articles, covering prevailing market trends and policies, as well as specific companies and organisations, will highlight the country’s growing status as a maritime centre and innovator. These articles will describe the investments that are being made, new initiatives and services, and plans for further growth and development within the sector. Face-to-face interviews with influential decision takers at governmental organisations, as well as private sector companies, will demonstrate how the UAE plans to consolidate its position as a maritime powerhouse over the next few years.

The Yearbook will focus on port and terminal developments, and future plans in this sector. Articles in the publication will include updates on port facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Umm Al Qwain. These will include updates on all-important container terminal projects but will also look at initiatives aimed at improving bulk, general cargo and cruise shipping port facilities as well.

A significant section of the Yearbook will be given over to articles describing the latest activities and future plans of the leading ship owners, operators and managers based in the UAE. This will assess recent and current investment programmes in new and existing ships, as well as service upgrades, affecting the tanker, container, bulk, passenger and offshore shipping segments, among others.

The shipbuilding and repair business in the UAE is one of considerable importance but has clear potential to expand further. The Yearbook will give up-to-date information about the workload of leading yard operators in the UAE and will reflect on the influence of prevailing market trends, the completion of recent projects and plans for further growth and diversification.

The UAE is also home to a number of innovative and aspirational companies in other sectors of the marine industry. Additional topics proposed for coverage in the Yearbook include classification, ship agency and logistics, free zones, maritime law, insurance, security and finance.

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TMS Webinar Series

The TMS Webinar Series, Covid-19: A Leadership Perspective, organised by The Maritime Standard, is already an acclaimed success, having been launched in May 2020. So far, 14 events have been held and all have gained global prominence through having high profile panelists supported by an extensive social media marketing campaign, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The first event had close to 1000 attendees at the start, with over 600 still online two hours later. This momentum was sustained with 800 taking part in the second Webinar, and others have averaged around 600. These attendees have logged in from across the world, as far away as Singapore and Canada.

Feedback received after the TMS Webinars has been universally positive, showing that the formula that has been adopted is popular and highly successful. The tried and tested format comprises six or seven leading executives invited as panelists taking part in discussion sessions that are moderated by the TMS Editor, Clive Woodbridge. Topics relate to different aspects of the Covid-19 challenge facing shipping, ports, and other maritime sectors, and range from strategic, operational and policy making matters to technical and human resources issues.

Each Webinar is around two hours long. The first half involves a panel discussion on the core subject relating to that Webinar. There then follows a commercial break during which time short video clips from sponsors are shown. The second half is “Question Hour” during which panelists field questions sent in online by those attending the webinar.

Webinar Sponsorship

As such the Webinars offer a valuable and cost-effective opportunity to raise the profile of your business at these difficult times though sponsorship, enabling you to reach out to a large scale, international audience.

As a sponsor you have the chance to access a wide audience that is fully engaged with the issues facing the shipping and ports sector as a result of the pandemic crisis. As benefits, your company logo will be carried in all webinar collateral, including eshots, social media campaigns and banners. An announcement of partner company names will be made at the beginning, at the break and at the end of the webinar. Being a sponsor also means you will have the opportunity to send in a one-minute promotional video that will be played during the commercial advertising break. A recording of the webinar which will include your 60 second commercial clip will be available on our YouTube page after the event has concluded. The webinar recording is also emailed to the entire database of The Maritime Standard newsletter subscribers.

The Webinars provide an unrivalled platform from which seasoned industry professionals can share their opinions and concerns and reveal their mindset at these difficult times. Sponsorship enables you to fully capitalise on the level of interest raised by these online discussions.

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