The Maritime Standard returns with a new programme of Covid-19: A Leadership Perspective webinar on January 27th, when the topic of debate will be “2021- A year of opportunity?” An experienced group of senior executives from shipping, ports, logistics and other maritime and transportation sectors will gaze into the future and provide their unique insights as to how the year ahead might unfold for the industry.

Certainly, the rolling out of the Sinopharm, Pfizer and Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccines gives real hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that the world may be turning the tide on the pandemic. There is considerable optimism that economies will quickly bounce back once the vaccine programmes have gathered sufficient momentum to end the cycle of lockdowns and there is even talk of a new ‘roaring twenties’ era taking shape, echoing the decade of growth seen after the First World War and the Spanish Flu pandemic. And yet there are clearly massive challenges to overcome, with new strains of Covid causing concern and worries that it may be many years before the developing world economies are fully protected from the virus.

Against this backdrop of cautious optimism that the worst may soon be behind us, the TMS Webinar will ask panellists to provide their assessments of the likely outlook for the maritime sector over the coming 12 months.

Topics proposed for discussion include:

  • What implications will vaccine roll outs have for the shipping and ports sectors? What are the constraints that will still exist despite them?
  • What opportunities exist for trade growth, in the container, oil and gas and other shipping sector? What steps need to be taken now to capitalise on these opportunities?
  • What are the potential negative maritime industry trends that need to be guarded against?
  • Are the port congestion and other supply chain issues that have been seen in various parts of the world short term factors or signs of a longer term structural problem? How can they be solved?
  • What freight rate patterns can be expected? Will shipping be profitable in 2021 as a result?
  • Does the incoming Biden administration generate optimism about a reduction in global trade tensions?
  • What lessons have been learned from the pandemic in 2020 and what mistakes are we in danger of repeating? Has the seafarer crew change ‘issues’ of 2020 been solved?

The webinar will feature a series of questions posed by the moderator, Clive Woodbridge, in the first half. Then, in the second half, there will be an opportunity for a global online audience to put their own questions to the panel.


Ali Shehab


Kuwait Oil Tanker Company

H. K. Joshi

Chairperson & MD

The Shipping Corporation of India

Naser Al Busaeedi

Deputy CEO

CSP Abu Dhabi Terminal

Ibrahim Al Nadhairi


Oman Shipping & Oman Drydocks

Petros Doukas



Chris Greenwood

Regional Director of Business Development – ME & Africa, ABS

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